1998-2018: 20 years in emerging markets building      businesses with impact in financial inclusion and microfinance 


Founder & CEO


​I was very lucky to create MicroCred, the leading microfinance group operating in Africa and China. Microcred was founded in 2005, started its operations at the end of 2006 andI decided to rebrand it Baobab in 2016 to digitally transform the business in a leading digital microfinance group. 

During my tenure, I raised more than 150 MEUR of equity and about 300 MEUR of international debt funding with a large range of investors and partners. MicroCred / Baobab grew from 0 to 1 000 000 clients, from 0 to 4000 employees. In 2018, Baobab had disbursed more than 1 billion Euros of loans to more than 1 million Micro & Small Businesses. It had delivered about 170 MEUR of revenues and generated about 30 MEUR of Net Profit Before Taxes. 

Baobab operated in 10 countries in Africa & China and Baobab banks and microfinance banks were the leaders in many of its markets (Madagascar, Sichuan, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.)


 Positive Economy Forum


​I was very lucky to create the Positive Economy Forum (LH Forum) with a group of friends and with the support of Jacques Attali. The Positive Economy forum objectives in 2012 an 2013 was to gather entrepreneurs in a TED-like event to promote impact related entrepreneurship. 

During its first edition in 2012 in Le Havre with the support of Le Havre Mayor Edouard Philippe, the LH Forum gathered about 1000 attendants and more than 80 top level speakers. During the 2nd edition which I co-led the forum gathered 200 speakers and more than 3000 attendants.


PlaNet Finance
Co-founder& CEO


I co-founded PlaNet Finance with the support of Jacques Attali in 1998.

PlaNet Finance became very quickly the leading microfinance platform in Europe in the early 2000 providing advisory services, rating and funding to microfinance institutions. 

In 2006, PlaNet Finance gathered about 200 consultants working on more than 100 programs every year to support hundreds of microfinance institutions in more than 20 countries. 


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